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iPhones connected through the cloud with Jamf Pro

Device management requires more than just the basics. Go beyond simple troubleshooting and keep devices up to date and secure – all while ensuring users have the resources, apps and services they need.

No small feat, but with Jamf Pro as your Apple device management solution, you can automate these tasks and take a proactive approach to managing Mac, iPad and iPhone, delivering on the promise of great IT service.

Make devices sing once in the hands of users.

Don’t conduct your choir with just any device management tool.

Configuration profiles

Define settings with iOS and macOS configuration profiles and distribute them to devices utilizing Jamf Pro. Easily apply Wi-Fi, VPN, email settings and more so users can seamlessly connect to the resources they need.


Unique to macOS management with Jamf Pro, policies go beyond the basic device management capabilities of configuration profiles and help you install software and printers, manage local user accounts and conduct advanced management workflows.


Run scripts on macOS utilizing the Apple device management capabilities of Jamf Pro. Scripts provide more flexibility than standard configuration profiles and open the door to infinite device management capabilities.

Smart targeting

Jamf Pro collects inventory details – including custom inventory attributes you define – of all managed devices, making it easy to identify which ones require updates. You can build groups based on inventory criteria and then trigger device management tasks automatically to specific individuals or groups, or make items available on demand to users with Self Service.

Ongoing Apple device management ensures productive users and low-stress IT pros.

Watch this short video and see Jamf Pro device management features in action.

Apple device management frameworks to help you thrive.

Basic and advanced device management capabilities await.

Mobile device management (MDM)

Jamf Pro leverages Apple’s native MDM framework to manage macOS and iOS devices. This allows IT to deploy configuration profiles, assign apps and send remote commands, such as lock, wipe and activate Lost Mode.

Jamf Agent

Taking MDM one step further, Jamf Pro installs the Jamf Agent to enhance device management for macOS. The Jamf Agent allows you to execute system-level tasks like running scripts and installing packages. And, all of this is all done in the background through secure communication.

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Watch a short demo video about Jamf Pro to see an array of management features in action.