Better patient experience.

No IT visit.

Inherently intuitive and packed with power, Apple devices are changing lives in healthcare.

With Apple devices at the center of the patient experience, healthcare providers can engage, educate and entertain — transforming the patient bedside experience as we know it.

Using Jamf to remotely enroll, deploy and manage iPadOS and tvOS devices enables patients to interact with their caregivers, read details about their care plans, control their room environment from an iPad and simultaneously access entertainment and engagement on an Apple TV.

Better healthcare is here and no one is more excited to help you improve your patient experience than Jamf.

Deliver faster, more personalized care to patients.

Give patients more control and a better overall experience by allowing them to see their medical records, close the blinds, communicate with friends and family, read educational materials about their condition and call a nurse – all from an iPad that can be securely and remotely erased between patient visits.

How it works:

  • Patients are provided hospital-owned iPad and/or Apple TV to use while admitted
  • IT leverages Jamf Pro to deploy iOS and tvOS apps that engage, educate, and entertain patients in new ways
  • Devices are auto-wiped with Jamf Healthcare Listener upon discharge
  • Automated mobile device management (MDM) Enrollment to Jamf reconfigures devices for the next patient without work from IT or care teams

Meet Jamf's Healthcare Listener.

Jamf Healthcare Listener

The only over-the-air solution to automatically deploy and digitally sterilize iPad and Apple TV.

Jamf Healthcare Listener is a secure electronic medical record integration with Jamf Pro. It can receive HL7 ADT messages from an EMR system (e.g. discharge, transfer), and automatically trigger desired remote MDM commands in Jamf Pro (remote wipe, remote lock, etc) for iOS and tvOS devices.

Here's what's possible with Healthcare Listener:

  • Enable patient access: Patient is admitted and receives a fresh Apple device — bedside iPad, in-room Apple TV or the combined power of Apple — without any footprint of the prior patient
  • Ensure patient privacy: Jamf Pro automatically deploys security and configuration profiles alongside selected apps — all determined and customized by the hospital's IT team
  • Execute MDM commands from patient status: When patient is discharged or transferred within the electronic medical record (EMR) system, Healthcare Listener automatically wipes the devices and readies it for the next patient using Jamf Pro's integration with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager

Jamf's partner integrations expand what's possible.

Third-party integrations provide countless solutions to expand on Jamf's first-party solutions: Jamf Healthcare Listener, Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset.


BeagleBoxx Bedside (Powered by BrightFish) is a patient-oriented software platform, aimed at increasing patients' wellbeing and improving efficiency for both the patient and the institution by providing patient-friendly solution for bedside tablets.

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Bungie Foundation

The Bungie Foundation's iPads for Kids Program provides customized, age-appropriate entertainment that provides distraction, therapeutic play, and a sense of normalcy to pediatric patients while they are in the hospital.

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IonIDe provides a digital smart room solution for hospitals, which offers patients and care teams engagement, communication and entertainment via iPad and Apple TV.

Coming soon to the Jamf Marketplace


Sentean Technologies offers an all-in-one iPad application that provides patients access to hospital services, infotainment and health information.

Coming soon to the Jamf Marketplace

See how healthcare organizations are transforming the patient experience with iPad and Apple TV.

iPads for Kids ease pain, offer normalcy
Seattle Children's Hospital

Seattle Children’s was the first pediatric hospital in the country to provide its patients with a unique offering – iPads for Kids. Together with Jamf and The Bungie Foundation, Seattle Children’s uses iPad devices as a way to attend to the sickness and wellness of their patients.

Read the full story to see how iPad provides the power of distraction that yields faster healing.

Putting patients first and transforming the care experience
Alberta Health Systems (AHS)

With iPadOS solutions from Jamf, AHS replaced their TV system with patient-bedside iPad devices to entertain patients and improve the patient experience, and in doing so, realized that iPad could do more for them than just entertain. It could support a better care experience for patients.

Read the full story to see how iPad changed the care and experience of patients.

Learn about Geisinger's Apple deployments for patient experience.

While iPhone and iPad are used by staff members across the Geisinger system, some of the most innovative Apple use cases are of those receiving care. Watch this session to learn how their iPad programs are the central hub for patient education, communication and so much more.

Hear from UCSan Diego on improving the patient experience with Apple at the Bedside.

Opened in November 2016, UC San Diego (UCSD) Health's Jacobs Medical Center became the first hospital to equip all 245 of its patient rooms with an iPad and Apple TV. Watch this video to hear Marc Sylwestrzak, IS Experience and Development Director of UCSD, discuss how they use Jamf’s healthcare solution to automate their iOS deployment, saving 1,400 hours and over $65,000 annually that can now be put toward other patient initiatives.

Explore what's possible with the standard for Apple in healthcare.

Contact us to learn how your healthcare organization can:

  • Automate the iPad and Apple TV set up process for patients
  • Deploy apps that enhance the patient experience
  • Digitally sterilize the devices between patients with Jamf Healthcare Listener

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