Security Management Alleviate data and endpoint-security concern all while maintaining user privacy.

A MacBook and Mac with security symbols on them.

Big security features with a small footprint.

Security management goes beyond the tried-and-true model of configuring a firewall to keep out anything you don’t want on your network. Users are everywhere. As work environments have evolved to include remote and hybrid locations, so too must your security management processes evolve to support all endpoints that are part of the enterprise.

The Jamf platform does exactly that by providing a holistic management solution that manages every aspect of Apple devices, including: provisioning, deployment and patch management, monitoring and preventing malware threats, integrating with identity providers, delivering aggregate device (unified) logs, device health reporting and helping to meet compliance requirements.

Manage and maintain macOS and iOS device security posture.

The Jamf platform delivers:

  • Configurations to define and distribute devices settings such as VPN profiles, FileVault 2 disk encryption and control restricted apps.
  • Automated policies to help ensure devices adhere to security requirements, and install managed software, scripted payloads and perform scheduled maintenance.
  • Remediation and intervention to isolate threats and mitigate risk without impacting the user experience.
  • Controls to manage Apple device security, including enforcement of password policies, enabling remote security features and fully controlling data stored on a device — even when it’s been reported lost.
  • Same-day OS support to empower organizations to keep devices and apps current, and always update on their schedules.

White Paper

macOS Security Checklist

See how you can leverage Jamf to implement the latest Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark for best securing your Mac.

Streamline and secure device authentication.

The Jamf platform delivers:

  • Provisioning of accounts, services and company information, without the need to bind to Active Directory.
  • ID management through a single cloud identity account to keep an eye on what devices are being accessed, by whom and when.
  • Synchronized account credentials between Mac and cloud-based identity provider, empowering users to stay productive by using Self Service to reset their passwords, eliminating requests to IT.
  • Passwordless authentication to securely unlock Mac via a user’s iPhone, avoiding password-related issues.

Detect and prevent threats.

The Jamf platform delivers:

  • Full antivirus solution to block adware, trojans, ransomware, and other malware targeted at macOS.
  • Active monitoring for constant awareness of device status, plus unified log forwarding to your SIEM solution.
  • Threat hunting and behavioral analytics mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to triage alerts in real-time.
  • Automatically contain unwanted or untrusted apps and malware and customize the experience of the end user, all while bringing your devices back into compliance through custom response procedures
  • Compliance through alignment with CIS, NIST and DISA benchmarks and the ability to automate capturing the right audit data for your data analysis tools that give you deep visibility into devices and the audit trail you want.


Meet Compliance Requirements with Jamf Protect

Jamf Protect is here to help maintain your macOS endpoint compliance, prevent macOS malware, detect Mac-specific threats and remediate them with minimal impact to the end-user experience.