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Endpoint protection purpose-built for Mac.

Protect every Mac you deploy.

The demand for Mac in the enterprise is growing…

and so are threats to Mac security.

Today's security solutions aren’t created with Mac in mind. They may give sufficient visibility into Windows devices, but lack insight into Mac’s unique architecture.

With the rapid demand for Mac in the enterprise, you need an endpoint security solution that’s focused on Mac and Mac only.

Meet Jamf Protect — our enterprise Mac security solution.

Jamf Protect is an endpoint protection solution designed to fit seamlessly in your organization’s security solution landscape — while giving you unprecedented visibility into your Mac devices and the ability to proactively block, isolate or remediate threats.

Consistent monitoring and protection

Keep Mac protected and never delay the latest and most secure macOS. Using Apple’s native Endpoint Security framework, Jamf Protect ensures up-to-date patches and consistent system event monitoring from day one.

On-device activity analysis

To ensure privacy and speed, receive real-time alerts on-device to analyze activity, then choose whether to proactively block, isolate or remediate threats.

Visibility into existing macOS security tools

macOS updates utilize built-in security tools like XProtect and Gatekeeper. With Jamf Protect, gain visibility and confidence into what your Mac is proactively defending against.

Data control

Gain granular control over what data is collected and where it is sent, including directly into your existing SIEM.

Emphasis on user experience

Through Jamf Protect’s kextless agent and minimal use of device resources, preserve the end-user experience that keeps employees productive and happy.

Support from day-one

Using Apple’s newly-released Endpoint Security Framework, teams can support the latest and most secure macOS experience from the first day a new OS is available.

Is Jamf Protect what your security team needs?

Do you feel you have the same visibility on Mac as you have on other platforms? How do you feel your Mac security impacts your overall security posture today? Would you find value in understanding what Mac is blocking natively across your fleet through XProtect and Gatekeeper?

If you have questions about Mac security or think your environment could use better protection, Jamf Protect is the macOS endpoint solution you’re looking for.

Today, Jamf Protect is only available for commercial organizations within the United States and Canada. Premium support required.