Endpoint Security purpose-built for Mac.

Protect and secure every Mac you deploy.

The demand for Mac in the enterprise is growing…

and so is the need to secure those devices and meet compliance regulations.

As more users choose Apple, Security and IT teams are waking up to the realization that today’s security solutions are not providing first class support for Macs. They may protect Windows devices sufficiently, but lack capability with Mac’s unique architecture and often lag months if not years behind with support for the latest Apple devices or software.

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that automates the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, including device deployment, management and security, without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to touch the device. Providing effective security and compliance monitoring to Security and IT teams while respecting end-user privacy is central to Apple Enterprise Management.

Meet Jamf Protect — our enterprise Mac security solution.

Maximize your security posture with Jamf Protect.

Scale your teams through security tools that understand the Mac platform deeply. Jamf Protect helps maintain Mac endpoint compliance, address antivirus needs by preventing macOS malware, control Mac applications within the organization, detect and remediate Mac-specific threats, all while maintaining minimal impact to the device and the end-user experience.

Comprehensive prevention and protection

Keep devices safe by ensuring that known malware does not get a foothold on your Mac. When unknown threats attack your devices or users run dangerous software, rely on Jamf Protect to detect the unusual behaviors and help you stop the breach.

Fast Incident response

Investigate how an attack happened, isolate the device, remediate the breach and restore the device to a trusted state. Jamf makes all of this quick, easy and automatable.

Continuously monitor for compliance

Maintain compliance controls for antivirus, security settings and audit log monitoring. Jamf Protect gives you central visibility of macOS unified logs in your SIEM or log collection infrastructure and monitors your security settings against benchmarks.

Emphasis on user experience

Jamf Protect leverages the infrastructure of macOS and its Endpoint Security Framework to minimize use of device resources, preserve the end-user experience and maintain their privacy expectations so that employees stay productive and happy. Even while an attack is actively being remediated.

Same-day support

Designed for Mac so that macOS patches, macOS updates like Big Sur and even hardware changes such as Apple Silicon like the M1 chip can be deployed when you are ready - not your tools.

Compliance Reporter - Compliance Monitoring and Real-time Visibility for Macs

Regulatory responsibilities around information security are not only an IT function, but a shared critical business function that ultimately protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Reports on device compliance status and activity are critical to provide the visibility needed to validate system integrity and audit device activity.

However, some organizations have strict regulatory requirements and cannot leverage the cloud-native power of Jamf Protect. Compliance Reporter provides an auditing and compliance solution for macOS to monitor endpoint security settings, maintaining in-depth visibility to critical network, process, system and user activity, all without relying on any cloud infrastructure.

Today, Jamf Protect is available for organizations worldwide.