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What is enterprise mobility management (EMM)?

The increased use of mobile devices drastically impacts daily operations. Often referred to as digital transformation, this influx of mobile hardware can poise challenges for IT looking to help users securely maximize their work technology.

Enterprise mobility management answers this challenge and empowers you to alleviate security risks, streamline device deployment and efficiently conduct ongoing management — all without impacting employee productivity.

EMM is a comprehensive software solution for managing enterprise and employee devices and is a combination of four different management methods:

Mobile device management (MDM)

Deploy, provision and customize devices for the optimal user experience.

Mobile application management (MAM)

Purchase and distribute apps to the right device and user at the right time.

Mobile identity and access management (MIAM)

Ensure a fast, simple and secure login process to promote user satisfaction and data protection.

Mobile content management (MCM)

Administer access to corporate content and secure corporate data at the same time.

More than 50,000 organizations rely on Jamf

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An Apple in the enterprise story.

The best EMM solution for maximum results.

By concentrating on Apple, Jamf provides a leading EMM solution that helps empower users with Mac, iPad and iPhone. With Jamf Pro for enterprises, Jamf Now for small businesses and Jamf Connect for identity management, we eliminate the frustrations with capability limitations of other platforms and provide power where it’s needed the most – in the hands of IT and users. Jamf brings best-of-breed Apple enterprise mobility management to life.

Native Apple device management

We preserve the native iOS experience — no need to use a different application for your email, calendar, etc.

It’s all about the apps

Pre-configure apps so your users are productive the minute they turn on their devices.

Data and privacy protection

Whether at home or at work, personal data remains private and corporate data remains protected.

Single password and username

Utilize one corporate identity to gain immediate access to the resources needed to be productive.

Device sharing for any use case

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset offer simple configuration, wipe and re-provisioning workflows for iPad and iPhone devices — all conducted by users.

User empowerment

Through an intuitive self-enrollment process and familiar app catalog, users have the ability to set up their device and install packaged software, apps and content.

Enterprise mobility management built for you.

Take a peek under the hood and see how Jamf Pro helps you deliver a better Apple experience.

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