Streamlined device sharing for any use case.

iPad and iPhone re-provisioning workflows just got easier.

Setup → Use → Reset

Resources and budgets aren’t limitless. Often, iPad hardware must be shared in retail, healthcare and hospitality settings. And each time an iPad device changes hands, the needs of the individual user change right along with it.

While Jamf fully embraces and supports 1-to-1 Apple technology programs and Shared iPad initiatives in education, many organizations need the ability to use a single iPad or iPhone for multiple customized use cases. In the past, this required a manual “wipe and ready” IT workflow to accomplish a secure hand-off of the device. Not anymore.

Jamf offers two patent-pending apps — Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset — to power shared iPad usage in any environment.

Jamf Setup: Simple configuration by user

Jamf Setup enables shared iPad or iPhone usage for any workflow. IT supplies a list of role-based profiles (like manager, cashier or guest) and users select the appropriate configuration for their role. No IT interaction or login credentials required. Once selected, appropriate settings, apps and resources are automatically downloaded and displayed.

With Jamf Setup:

  • IT can ship devices directly to stores, hotels, hospitals or schools
  • Allow users to simply select their configuration and go
  • Get more from your pool of devices to serve a growing number of users or customers
  • Customize and brand the app and user experience to meet organizational needs

Jamf Reset: Wipe and re-provision with confidence

Once a device has been setup and used, the next step is to reset it for the following user. Jamf Reset offers a streamlined reset workflow. All the user has to do is initiate a wipe of the device — no IT interaction required. Once the device is wiped, it is ready to be “setup” and redeployed to the next user.

With Jamf Reset:

  • Users simply access the Home screen to reset the device
  • Users are confident their data has been securely erased, since they conduct the reset themselves
  • The mobile device management (MDM) status is also reset — not just the device — for true device consistency
  • Offer and provide tier-zero support to iPad and iPhone users

See Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset in action.

Better IT workflows for a much better user experience.

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset are available now in the App Store and can be leveraged by all Jamf Pro customers. Not already a customer? Get started today by requesting a free trial of Jamf — the gold standard in Apple device management.