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Learn how technology can help students feel more comfortable during class.
July 31, 2015 by Daniel Weber

How can technology help introverted students?

See how iPad and Casper Focus can help shy students get over their fear and allow them to be more active during class time.

Ever have a moment in school when you weren’t entirely comfortable raising your hand or adding your perspective during class? It’s happened to most, if not all of us.

Since I’ve been in those shoes, I understand that just because someone doesn’t participate, that doesn’t mean they don’t know the answers or aren’t grasping the concept. It often means they are a little reserved when it comes to putting themselves out there and having their voice heard.

If only there was some way of getting these students to feel more comfortable and be more willing to share. Lucky for us, there is.

Be heard without speaking
Technology is the vehicle that gives the quiet a (louder) voice. As iPad becomes more prevalent in classrooms, opportunities to use online forums also increase. These forums provide students with a certain level of comfort that allows them to participate without the fearful eye of peers watching. Once comfortable online, this has the potential to translate to being more active during class.

Share work without raising your hand
By combining iPad and Apple TV with an education-centric app like Casper Focus, teachers can project a student’s iPad to an Apple TV. This immediate and spontaneous sharing of learning and creation can help shy students get over their fear by letting their creative work do the speaking. With Casper Focus, sharing a student’s iPad can be done with only a few taps from the teacher’s own iPad device.

Speaking from experience
As an introvert myself, I know that I would have benefited from this technology when I was in school. Even now, I find it comforting to use technology to get my ideas across, like blogging for example.

If the students in your school are anything like me, iPad and Casper Focus might be the answer to helping them get the most out of their classroom time. 

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