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I can do What with the JSS API?

Watch this JNUC session in its entirety.

The Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) API offers considerable power to those administrators who choose to leverage it in their environments. In this session, Luis Giraldo of OK Enterprises outlined not only how to get started using the API, but also offered several practical examples of its power to create custom, automated workflows which save administrators many hours of work.

“I had been using Casper for many years and, over time, I needed to start doing things that only the API offered," said Luis.

Luis showed us how to get started with Jamf Pro’s web interface which lets administrators explore the RESTful APIs in a web browser. Then he walked the audience through a simple shell script he created. The script read a CSV file full of computer information and then used that data to create new devices in the Jamf Pro server. Then he took a deep dive into the process for automating various tasks that many administrators typically do manually. For instance, his scripts took only a couple of seconds to update computer records, create new buildings, and add the devices to them.

While none of the individual tasks is difficult on its own, automating the process will save a Jamf Pro administrator many hours compared to doing these tasks by hand.

Luis provided all his scripts on GitHub via