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November 3, 2022 by Jake Mosey

New Jamf Ventures Investment Fund Supports Security and Technology Innovators

Early-stage, innovative technology companies that are developing Apple ecosystem solutions can look to a new resource for venture capital investment: Jamf Ventures.

Jamf was founded to help customers succeed with Apple. Customers are always at the center of our goals, and Jamf Ventures is another way for us to do that. This new fund will help us partner with early-stage founders, entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe that focus on increasing security to further enhance the transformational power of Apple.

Building partnerships, growing solutions

Every day, we are energized to see new and interesting problems being solved by our customers and partners. By focusing on early-stage companies that provide strategic value to our shared customers, Jamf Ventures strives to grow the Jamf and Apple ecosystem quicker and more comprehensively than we can alone.

Specifically, we are looking for innovative companies within the cyber security, healthcare, education, retail or hospitality industries that are raising capital in a SAFE, convertible, Seed or Series A, in conjunction with leading venture capital partners. Jamf Ventures will invest $50 million over the next five years with a typical investment between $500,000 to $2M.

Jamf Ventures hopes to offer much more beyond a financial investment. With industry expertise, professional networks and customer channels both inside and outside of Jamf, we seek to help companies grow and achieve their goals. Portfolio companies will also benefit from unique access to Jamf’s extensive APIs, technologies, and IT and security research and expertise, along with increased brand awareness and co-marketing opportunities. Finally, Jamf senior leaders will be pulled in to help advise the portfolio companies based on the area of expertise needed.

Our goal is to help companies succeed. With Jamf Ventures, we will create a stronger, more vibrant ecosystem of solutions for customers.

Inaugural investment partner announced: SwiftConnect

We are very excited about our first investment in SwiftConnect.

SwiftConnect is a cloud platform provider that manages and connects disparate access control systems across owner and enterprise portfolios with mobile credential platforms, user directories and other systems that influence physical access requirements. In addition to streamlining the access management process, SwiftConnect also links its customers to a virtual badge on their mobile device.

During the 2022 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) keynote we demonstrated how we are working together to help organizations bring employee IDs into Apple Wallet, for an easy access mobile employee badge.

With this investment, and partnership we believe there is a large opportunity for SwiftConnect to grow, and we love the simplicity of their solutions. SwiftConnect fits squarely into the Apple ecosystem with Jamf by helping employees access physical locations simply, and securely.

Interested to learn more?

For more information about this new investment fund and the type of companies we’re looking to partner with, you can visit us Jamf Ventures page or email us.

Jake Mosey
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