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September 28, 2020 by Kaylee Carlson

Jamf Connect refresh gives users a more native Apple experience

We have listened to you, and are excited to announce that the latest version of Jamf Connect is focused on YOUR experience.

Since Jamf Connect came into the Jamf family almost two years ago, many organizations have experienced streamlined Mac provisioning, authentication and identity management. We’ve heard success stories of how Jamf Connect has been a contributor to executing a zero-touch deployment strategy or saved an organization time and money with password synchronization by reducing credential-related help desk tickets.

We’ve also listened to our customers and heard feedback about how we can make Jamf Connect better. To that end, we’re excited about the latest version of Jamf Connect, focused on better quality and an improved experience for users.

The value of Jamf Connect is the same. Admins will still be able to ensure a single identity is being used to access a user’s device and applications without the need to bind to Active Directory. They will still be able to keep an eye on all company devices and who is accessing them, when and from what device. And, they know that their users’ account credentials will be kept in sync between the Mac and cloud identity provider ensuring employees stay on task instead of making trips to IT.

This next iteration of Jamf Connect has been rebuilt from the ground up with a fresh take on the login and authentication flow, providing a more native and Apple-like experience for end users. Included in this refresh is a more modern code base and the combining of the Jamf Connect Sync and Jamf Connect Verify applications resulting in a simplified installer package that will make it easier for IT admins to implement and deploy Jamf Connect to users.

IT can feel confident that the right person has access to their hardware, and resources and end users can unbox their Mac, power it on, and access everything they need to be productive with a single cloud identity - simple as that.

To take advantage of the new Jamf Connect, log into Jamf Nation and download the new files under My Assets. Review release notes for more information or contact your Jamf Representative with questions. Or, get started with Jamf by requesting a trial or become more involved by joining the Jamf Nation community.

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