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Who says non-techs can’t manage devices

Posted in: Education

It’s no secret that when IT and educators unite, students are the benefactors. And that’s the goal for most, if not all schools. But how can IT empower these non-technical roles with the tools to assist with day-to-day management of student iPads, while still adhering to all school privacy and security protocols?

Our recent webinar discusses this very topic and shows you a process that enables non-technical staff to access device management to conduct routine actions and customize students’ learning experience.

We’ll debunk the common misconception that device management is too complex for non-IT roles and walk through several tasks formally seen as only suitable for IT.

Watch now:

To extend the conversation and provide access to additional materials intended to promote non-IT access to device management, I have started an iTunes U course on the topic. Watch for more information on empowering non-IT with technology tools in the coming months.