The power of technology choice in the enterprise

Attract and retain top talent with a choice program.

According to Manpower group, we are in the highest talent shortage in 10 years. So how can your organization stay competitive and attract the best talent possible? It starts by focusing on the overall employee experience, and one way to do this is by offering workers their choice in technology.

But does offering a choice program really pay off? We asked in a recent employee-choice survey, and the people have spoken.

Better work(ers) and choice programs are synonymous.

Choose or Stay at an organization that offers choice
More Productive on their device of choice

What else did employees have to say?

We’ve only scratched the surface of compelling stats from this global survey of 580 enterprise organizations. Download the full survey report for information on:

  • Computer and mobile device trends
  • Current state of bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Importance of technology-choice programs for employees and organizations

Get a leg up in your respective space and see how you can attract and retain the best of the best simply by providing choice in work technology.

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