How to Manage FileVault

Join us to learn about the power of FileVault and discover ways to utilize it to the fullest potential.

In today’s mobile work environment, encryption of hard drive data is becoming a security necessity. FileVault, the macOS solution for full disk encryption, is an essential tool to protect data and ensure the privacy of files and users. But with multiple ways to enable and manage FileVault, IT admins may not know where to start. This is especially true for newer macOS versions with Apple silicon, as cryptographic volume ownership is required for certain management functions.

In our webinar, How to Manage FileVault, we’ll discuss native Apple technologies, and you’ll learn how to best enable and manage FileVault in your organization to maintain the highest security standards while still providing an optimal user experience.

You'll learn:

  • Benefits of FileVault management
  • The types of enablement workflows and how to choose yours
  • How to manage FileVault recovery keys
  • How to manage password resets for user accounts