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Open box. Power on. Enjoy.

Be on the forefront of hospitality with integrated Apple TV and iPad in every room.

According to Oracle and Phocuswright, 64 percent of U.S. hotel guests say it is very important for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience. Investing in technology is no longer an added bonus, it’s critical to keeping customers loyal in a competitive market.

As more hotel brands are enabling guests with technology, Apple TV along with iPad and iPhone are enhancing the visitor stay with intuitive and cost-effective hardware. Coupled with Jamf Pro’s hospitality solution, gain more insight on guest preferences and delight them with the comforts of home — all while streamlining hotel operations.

Creating an unforgettable guest experience has never been easier thanks to Apple TV, iPad and Jamf.

Exceed your guests' expectations.

Go the extra mile with customizable, in-room hotel technology. Real-time communication with hotel services and local recommendations offer guests access to everything they need for a once-in-a-lifetime stay.

This is where Apple TV and iOS can help. Cut media and technology costs in half and automate in-room deployment. Your guests will have a seamless experience from the moment they check in to the moment they check out.

Streamline check-in and check-out

Utilize managed iPads at check-in. Guests can easily locate their reservation and check in at their convenience, bypassing the front desk. Additionally, guests can easily check out with the touch of a button from their room.

Real-time response for in-room requests

With partners like Monscierge, guests are able to make in-room requests such as reservations, housekeeping services or items requests in the comfort of their own room all from an iPad or Apple TV. On the back end, hotel operations gain visibility to instantly triage requests.

Multi-purpose use devices for employees

Housekeeping, maintenance and operations teams can share an iOS device, accessing the tools they need for their specific role with the tap of a button on the Home screen. With the Jamf Pro Setup app for iOS, end users can configure their own devices for multi-purpose use across hotel teams.

Entertainment at their fingertips

With an Apple TV in every room, guests can access up to date information within the hotel, local events and weather, as well as access their favorite apps directly on their Apple TV. Netflix? No problem. With Jamf’s exclusive partnership with Monscierge, guests can even access DIRECTV.

Secure information

Ensure personal data is wiped from iOS devices after each stay and ready to use for the next guest. Integrate Jamf Pro with your hotel operations software to automatically reset devices upon check-out, or allow guests to manually reset their iOS devices with the Jamf Pro Reset app for iOS.

Simplified, scalable digital signage

Keep guests informed on daily events, news and local attractions throughout your hotel by providing digital signage through solutions like Carousel and Apple TV. Whether it’s finding directions from the lobby or the daily menu in the lounge, keep guests up to date on what’s happening at your hotel.

Improving the guest experience at Red Lion.

Red Lion Hotels (RLH) is always looking for new innovative ways to enhance the guest experience. See how with Apple TV, the Monscierge app and Jamf RLH is able to provide their guests a seamless technology experience from check-in to check-out in addition to customized in-room technology during their entire stay.

With Jamf managing the entire Apple ecosystem, deploying, securing and managing Apple devices has never been easier for hotels.

Ready to give your guests an unforgettable experience?

Advanced Management for IT Pros

If your environment calls for enterprise-level Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV features, Jamf Pro is for you.

Simplified Management, No IT Required.

If the basics are what you need, start managing your Mac, iPad and iPhone devices toady with Jamf Now.