Leave employees to their own devices with BYOD.

Let users enjoy the comfort of home in a secure work environment.

Lighten the load for employees and deliver a better bring your own device (BYOD) management experience.

Device overload is a common ailment for today’s employees. And while BYOD has been a buzzworthy term, less than 25 percent of employees surveyed in 2018 want to bring their own device. As companies contemplate issuing devices directly to employees or leasing them as a service, consider the following: 74 percent of enterprise employees would prefer a company-issued device over a personally-owned device.

Why? Because more than half of employees want to keep their business and personal life separate.

Whether you offer employee choice or advocate for BYOD, you’re on the hook for connecting their device to your network and getting the right resources on their device, all while ensuring corporate company and personal data are protected.

Simplify the complexities of your BYOD program with Jamf.


Empower users to enroll their personal device in your MDM server on their own with only a few clicks.

Deploy configurations

Automatically deploy configurations for quick access to Wi-Fi, VPN, email and other corporate services.

App installations

Manage apps to ensure corporate data protection and personal data privacy.

Unenroll devices

When an employee leaves the company, simply unenroll the device and all corporate data is securely removed, while personal data remains intact.

Privacy and security

Preserve your employees’ privacy by only enabling device tracking via Lost Mode if a device is stolen or goes missing. Jamf can also remote lock or wipe a device to ensure data is always protected.

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200+ Employees

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1-199 Employees

If the basics are what your BYOD program needs, start managing your Apple devices today with Jamf Now.