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Employ the power of choice at your business.

Help employees be their happiest and most productive.

Choose to make employees more efficient and your life a little easier.

Now more than ever, employees want to have a say in the technology and tools they use at work. And, organizations are quickly realizing that the best way to recruit employees and maximize their time and talents is to put them in situations where they are comfortable.

What is an employee-choice program?
Companies with employee-choice technology programs provide employees the option to choose among brands of computer hardware and/or mobile devices for work, rather than pushing one type of device on them. They deliver on both ends of the enterprise spectrum — and as a bonus for you — when employees are confident in their technology, they are much less likely to call the help desk for assistance.

Deliver a better employee-choice experience with Jamf.

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See how our leading Apple management solutions will help you extend the legendary Apple experience.

Jamf helps your Apple at Work program succeed.

Apple has made significant inroads in the enterprise space. iPhone and business are synonymous, and Mac continues to be the computer of choice when employees are given the option.

If you’re one of the many who are starting to see an increase in Mac demand from your employees, Apple and Jamf can help you implement best practices and guidelines to ensure your employee-choice program goes off without a hitch.

For example, Apple published employee starter guides for iOS and Mac. You can deploy these iBooks to Jamf Self Service, allowing all employees to access on demand. Take it one step further and leverage Jamf Pro to deploy policies based on inventory data, so employees are notified and can request new hardware when their devices are ready for a refresh.

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dollars saved by IBM for every employee that chooses Mac over PC.
percent of surveyed employees believe device choice programs are important to the well-being of an organization.
percent of Jamf Survey respondents say companies are offering device choice programs.

How to Implement a User-Choice Program

You know the benefits of offering technology choice, but how can you make this concept a reality?

Read this e-book to learn the five steps necessary for creating and implementing a technology choice program in your organization.

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Be as confident in your management tool as your employees are in their device choice.

Automated deployments

Jamf Pro and Jamf Now leverage Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to offer a truly zero-touch enrollment experience. Employees who choose Apple simply open the box and get started.

User autonomy

Decrease support costs and empower users with a custom enterprise app store where they can access IT-approved apps, settings and resources on their own – all without ever filling out a help desk ticket.

Scalable solution

Whether your Apple deployment is 25 or 250,000 – and every step in between – Jamf grows with your organization and provides you with one solution for all your management needs.

Windows integration

When your environment consists of Mac and Windows, pair Jamf Pro with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) to automate compliance management for Mac devices accessing applications set up with Azure AD authentication.

Security and compliance

Secure Apple devices, keep track of encryption keys, and easily audit and report on encryption status. No need to install any third-party utilities or worry about compatibilities during macOS or iOS upgrades.

Don’t do it alone

Seek best practices on employee-choice program deployment and management from the largest Apple IT community, Jamf Nation. Or, consult Apple.