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Ensure business continuity with device provisioning, software deployments and ongoing management.

Work is changing forever. Jamf is here to help.

For many, remote work has rapidly shifted from a vision for the future to an immediate reality. Office spaces that once swelled with staff now sit empty as a tidal wave of workers do business from home.

And it isn’t going away. 43% of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) plan to make remote work an option for roles that allow it and more than a quarter are reducing their real estate footprint, according to a PwC survey.

Yet even in the midst of historic change, opportunity is everywhere. Whether you have been supporting remote workers for years or are just dipping your toes in the water, there has never been a better time to understand the factors that drive successful remote teams — and it all starts with IT.

Critical solutions for remote teams.

While effective teamwork can sometimes feel like one part science and one part alchemy, the core of a successful strategy for empowering work anywhere is comprised of three pillars: communication, collaboration and security.

Since 2002, Jamf has been helping businesses empower their teams with the Apple technology they desire and feel most productive on. In light of the shift to remote work, a few fundamental IT workflows are once again taking center stage.

To help your teams stay connected and protect your corporate culture, Jamf can procure and deploy popular messaging apps — like Zoom and Slack — seamlessly at scale. With your teams now in touch, you can turn your attention to helping them be more productive with tools like Office 365. Finally, put the finishing touches on your remote Apple strategy by ensuring your hardware is the most secure it can be with a threat detection tool like Jamf Protect and identity tools like Jamf Connect and Okta.

Remote work. Supercharged.

Ready to take your IT to the next level? Consider a few of the ways that Jamf helps reinvent old workflows for the modern remote-first world.

Zero-touch deployment

Putting new Apple hardware in the hands of your team doesn’t have to slow down, no matter where your team is. Drop-ship Mac, iPad and iPhone directly from the factory to your staff. When it arrives, they can to unbox it, power it on and get to work.

Remote app management

Whether you need to distribute App Store apps or enterprise apps, Jamf makes it easy to procure and distribute popular tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex. Staff can even request specific apps without submitting a help desk ticket.

Operating system and application updates

Free and regular operating system updates are a hallmark of the Apple experience. Push a new update to your fleet immediately or delayed its availability to give your IT team time to test the release before making it available.

Identity and account management

Provision a device with all of the business-critical applications needed to be productive based solely on an employee’s cloud-identity credentials. And with multifactor authentication, rest easy knowing the right person is accessing the right machine and the right resources.

Curated resources on demand

Give every user a tailored collection of apps and resources right on their desktop with Self Service.

Endpoint protection

Leverage Apple’s Endpoint Security framework and on-device analysis of macOS system events to identify and remediate incidents on macOS without the devices ever touching the corporate network.

Empower remote workers. Today.

The remote-worker movement is just getting started but the impact is already showing. Jamf helps empower you to take advantage of the changes in the market, your business and your teams with world-class tools for managing Apple at scale.

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