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With more businesses than ever replacing traditionally manual or analog workflows with technology, mobile devices are as prevalent in the workforce as they have ever been. From the construction site to a mobile sales force, device utilization in a wide range of environments adds a number of safety, deployment and security variables to successful deployments.

Many organizations struggle with the complexity of these considerations, whether through the added costs of insurance liability and settlements, or at the expense of device usability and user experience. Now, with Jamf, you can empower your employees to take an active part in the safety experience of their mobile technology, and when necessary, even automate business-critical policies so they can just focus on getting their work done.

Why is worker safety so important?

1 in 5

Fatally injured workers in 2019 was a mobile sales worker or truck driver.

Nearly 40%

Of workplace related fatalities involved transportation incidents.

1 in 5

Worker deaths in 2019 were in the construction industry.

Build a safe workplace environment that starts with the user first.

With Jamf’s cloud-based solutions, you get everything you need to deploy mobile devices in a safe, productive and scalable way:

Standardize the look and feel of devices

Create a device experience with the employee in mind, whether being used by one or many. Set the wallpaper with a company logo, define the home screen layout in a way that makes sense, and hide unwanted system apps that are not needed for employees’ productivity.

Manage data usage

Ensure the right apps connect to the right network. Restrict changes to personal hotspots and enforce Wi-Fi “on or off.” When using iPad, simplify your carrier connectivity for eSIM deployment with Jamf.

Leverage Managed Lost Mode

If an iPhone or iPad gets lost, put the device in Lost Mode. In just a few clicks, the Jamf admin will know the location of the device and have the peace of mind that company data is safe and secure. Customize a message to inform where the device can be returned.

Embrace privacy

Keep your devices secure and maintain the trust and privacy of employees. Mobile device management will not read iMessages, emails or listen to phone calls. It cannot access device photos or videos, and will not report browsing or app usage habits.

Encourage user participation

Encourage the right behavior by inviting employees to enforce workplace safety. Use Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset to manage the configuration of the device so the right app is in the right place at the right time.

Automate the most important safety scenarios by integrating

Make workplace safety even easier; use the Jamf API to change device configuration within defined parameters. Partnering with industry-leading workplace safety organizations, Jamf delivers a reliable and consistent integration for any risk tolerance.

Jamf Worker Safety powered by TRUCE.

Adding an automated worker safety layer to MDM.

Jamf Worker Safety powered by TRUCE enables you to deliver a more productive and meaningful Apple user experience to your team. With context-based dynamic enforcement of your policies, you can keep your employees safe across the workplace while protecting your organization from liability risks.

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