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Extending the Jamf platform with third-party tools

There are a lot of enterprise software tools an IT department needs to use on a daily basis. These could include service management, inventory reporting, network access, identity management and device management tools that are all specialized to help organizations perform certain tasks. Wouldn’t it be great to have all these tools work together?

While we can’t promise your identity service will always work with your network access tools, our goal is to at least have these integrations work great with Jamf Pro. How? The Jamf Marketplace.

We understand that no company has only Apple devices on their network, so we make Jamf Pro work with the enterprise tools you’re already using. The Marketplace allows you to focus on leveraging a best-of-breed management tool to take care of your Apple devices, while being able to share relevant data with other business-critical tools. This is known as our “Jamf and…” philosophy.

Jamf and Microsoft integration
In the spirit of this philosophy, Jamf recently announced a partnership with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) to provide Microsoft Intune integration with Jamf Pro. Jamf admins can now sync their Mac inventory data with Intune and the Microsoft Cloud. That inventory data can be analyzed by Intune’s compliance engine to enforce conditional access via EMS. Plus, for Macs that are noncompliant, admins can provide a user-friendly remediation path via Jamf Self Service. This integration can enable organizations to manage their Apple devices with Jamf and everything else with Intune.

Beyond Microsoft Intune, there are other integrations a modern IT organization requires to get the most out of their devices and management tool. Case in point, for inventory to be shared with other systems, the identity management component needs to work seamlessly; directory services and network access integration could be critical as well depending on the environment. Organizations and individuals have made amazing integrations that do exactly these things, and we have built the Jamf Marketplace to highlight them all.

One-stop-shop for integrations
The Jamf Marketplace is one central location for IT admins to find, learn about, and utilize valuable tools to integrate or extend the Jamf platform. You can find valuable integrations like AutoPkg, JumpCloud, ServiceNow, and so much more. Some integrations are from vendors and some are shared as open-source, but all are to help you get the most out of Jamf Pro. Within the Marketplace, you’ll see links to get the integration and where to find support.

Put your solution in the Marketplace
Additionally, if you have a great idea for an integration, but don’t know where to start, we also have you covered! The Jamf Developer Portal is where you can access resources to integrate with Jamf Pro and create your own solution. Access API reference pages, documentation, code samples and get support for your development efforts. The program is free to join and you’ll get access to everything you need to get started.

Want more info on the Jamf Marketplace before getting started? No problem. Check out the below video.