Can you hear me now? Maximize your iPad for nurse call alerts at the bedside.

Improve the patient experience and save clinician time with Jamf integrations such as HatchMed’s ComCierge communication platform and the PillowCase iPad case with a built-in nurse call button.

February 28 2023 by

Breean Moreno

Patient using PillowCase iPad case with built-in nurse call button.

The patient experience needs improvement.

Reflecting back on my last patient experience, I am discouraged by how some systems are still so antiquated. While many healthcare facilities are focused on modernizing their environments and building smart rooms of the future, one of the last pieces of hardware to be upgraded is the pillow speaker/nurse call alert.

As clean as the facility was and as professional the staff were, needing to touch that piece of equipment sent feelings of the 80’s down my spine.

The HatchMed PillowCase works with Jamf Integration ComCierge.

Learn about HatchMed’s ComCierge communication platform.

iPad as nurse call alert

Since patients are now being provided iPads at the bedside to improve their patient experience and ability to interact with providers, why not use that as your nurse call alert? Jamf partners with many software providers to help integrate your existing applications and infrastructure to work on a smart device.

Jamf integration: HatchMed PillowCase improves the patient experience

The HatchMed PillowCase is an iPad with a built-in red button to integrate with your nurse call system.

Work smarter not harder, right? Well, let’s make the patient stay easier by providing them a way to access their medical records, read medical educational tools, receive care alerts and communicate with family all in one device.

So, how does it work? Well, imagine the clinician doesn’t have to bring a new device to the bedside upon arrival of a patient admit. Nor does the team need to worry about the device walking away, as it is secured in the HatchMed PillowCase casing and easily accessible to the patient at all times.

Beyond simple call-and-triage

Now the patient has the ability to do more with the call bell than pressing a single button that the care team then must triage and act upon.

With the next generation of nurse call integration and iPad devices, your patient can order food, alert the appropriate care team member when they need ice or assistance, watch TV and FaceTime with family to improve their stay. With the power at the patient’s fingertips, they can also manage room controls to help with sleep and comfort.

The device will be fully charged, won’t go missing, and won’t need to be swapped out if you are using Jamf Healthcare Listener.

More Jamf integrations that support patients and care teams

Make your iPad smarter than the average device. Improve patient and clinician adoption of new technology and increase your HCHAP scores with Jamf-created Healthcare Listener and Jamf Pro.

Remember, smart technology with Jamf Pro can display where each device is and what should be on it. With your Jamf account, the devices can be configured and ready for use without an IT resource or a clinician’s touch. It integrates with hospital EHR systems to use their automated commands (such as discharge, transfer) to trigger Jamf Pro commands (remote wipe, reset and more), ensuring that all device data is removed between patients.

The integrated patient experience

The patient arrives and: voila! Their in-room device has appropriate access to any application the facility would like (i.e., EMR, HatchMed, Netflix, Hulu, and any others). They can use the device already in their hands to call a nurse or order their own food or request other items. Then, when the patient discharges, all patient access is digitally sterilized and it’s ready for the next patient.

A positive patient environment can help speed recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about how Jamf and the HatchMed team work together on any of their platforms, schedule time with your Account Manager for introductions.

Discover HatchMed ComCierge, a Jamf and PillowCase integration.

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