New and updated Jamf 100 Course released

A new Jamf 100 Course release is here with support for Jamf Pro 11, a streamlined curriculum, new simulations and a fresh Jamf Pro Associate certification.

July 1 2024 by

Kyle Schuler

Two people in an office learn about Jamf 11 on a MacBook.

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Jamf 100, updated

Jamf is excited to share a major update to the Jamf 100 Course!

The 100 is a self-paced introduction to Jamf Pro for new and existing IT professionals managing Apple devices. This course offers enterprise-focused foundations for:

  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Best practices for succeeding with Apple

It combines video lectures, written instruction, practical exercises and resources for getting started with Jamf Pro — a powerful and comprehensive device management solution.

A thank you

This release marks a major milestone for the 100. First, we'd like to thank everyone who has engaged with the 100 in the past, shared it with a friend or colleague and provided your feedback. We love to hear from the community and endeavor to improve our curricula with every release.

100: the place to get started

We strive to provide learning experiences that are both relevant and efficient. Whether you’re new to the mobile device management realm or an experienced administrator interested in onboarding new colleagues, the 100 is a great place to start with Jamf Pro and managing Apple devices.

Streamlined instruction

Version 6.0 of the Jamf 100 Course has been streamlined from 38 to 25 lessons. We’ve worked to reduce the overall number of lessons without sacrificing the scope of our content.

You can expect the same comprehensive, foundational content you’ve come to rely on with our 100-level certification courses.

This course better reflects the growing parity between managing iOS, iPadOS and macOS— as well as the cross-functional capabilities of Jamf Pro.

Fresh content

This release includes 25 all-new videos, four new interactive simulations, refreshed accompanying content like key points and practice tasks and a new Certified Jamf Pro Associate exam. Below is a breakdown of the new Jamf 100 Course.

How the Jamf 100 Course works

The course is comprised of the following sections:

Course overview
Become familiar with the Jamf 100 Course, explore its contents and navigate the Learning Hub.

Section 1. Introduction to Apple
New to the Apple ecosystem? This is the place to start. In the first section, we’ll locate computer and device information, learn about iOS and macOS file storage structure, manage apps locally and configure settings and preferences.

Section 2. Learn about Apple MDM
We’ll learn about Apple’s MDM framework and become familiar with Apple services like Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager and the Apple Push Notification service. We’ll also explore the Jamf Pro interface and provide some context for our management journey.

Section 3. Jamf Pro introduction
Curious how Jamf Pro organizes devices for management? In the third section, we’ll view and edit device inventory records, create simple and advanced device inventory searches and organize devices with static and Smart Groups. We’ll secure devices with configuration profiles and keep them up-to-date with managed software updates.

Section 4. Hands-on practice
Finally, we’ll explore powerful solutions for computer management. Create, configure, deploy and monitor policies. Become familiar with the command-line interface by writing and deploying scripts with Jamf Pro.

Additional Jamf 100 Course content

Next steps and other resources
Reflect on what you’ve learned, prepare to become a Certified Jamf Pro Associate and explore other courses from Jamf.

Practice exam
Ready to become certified? Test your knowledge with 50 practice questions prior to taking the certification exam.

The Jamf 100 Course meets you where you are.

If you've never touched an iPhone or Mac, the 100 offers fundamentals in those platforms. If you're already familiar with macOS and iOS but are new to the world of device management, later sections will get you up to speed in Jamf Pro. Many lessons build on one another, so we encourage taking them in order. If you're lost, revisit a previous lesson or explore the resources at the bottom of each page.

Certified Associate Exam

The Jamf Certified Associate exam is available in the “About the Exam” section and on our website. The exam is open-note, open-book and open-internet. It contains 50 multiple-choice and true/false questions and is limited to 60 minutes.

Our mission at Jamf is to help organizations succeed with Apple. We’re excited to provide the Jamf 100 Course to help you do just that. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in the 100!

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