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January 3, 2018 by Garrett Denney

Jamf Now adds OS Updates

We’re excited to announce that Jamf Now now manages iOS and macOS operating system versions for DEP-enrolled devices.

Apple devices have a funny way of making converts wherever they’re deployed, don’t they?

It’s a common story: An organization starts using iPads or iPhones and before long, they’re buying more Mac and iOS devices to run their business. This is when an investment in Jamf Now really pays off.

As we’ve continued to invest in and grow Jamf Now over the past three years, we’ve seen organizations using more Apple devices than ever before. Small businesses that never thought they’d manage more than 25 devices are now doing so. Medium organizations that couldn’t imagine deploying and managing hundreds of devices now do it with ease.

But, with that growth will often come the pain of manually managing a huge amount of settings within the devices and their applications. We’ve heard from a number of customers that are struggling to keep pace with updates now that their organization deploys dozens (or even hundreds!) of devices more than they used to. Keeping track of the hardware itself is difficult enough, much less ensuring every device across the organization is running the latest operating system.

Introducing: OS Updates for Jamf Now
In that vein, we’re excited to announce that Jamf Now now manages iOS and macOS operating system versions for DEP-enrolled devices.

We’ve been in direct contact with many of you and have heard firsthand how the ability to push operating system updates over the air would be a huge quality of life improvement. With OS Updates, that is now a reality.

Our team continues to focus on delivering streamlined workflows across the product. With OS Updates, that means you have three powerful ways to manage operating system updates in your ecosystem:

  1. Update a single device by initiating the update within the device’s information screen.
  2. Update a group of devices by using the search and filter options on the main device menu.
  3. Update all eligible devices by clicking the ellipsis in the main devices dashboard, then clicking Install Updates.

That said, Jamf Now is always evolving. One of the great joys of working on this team is being a part of a new product release every two weeks. Our biweekly code cadence means that we have the flexibility and velocity needed to make Jamf Now a living, ever-evolving platform for your success with Apple devices.

We hope you’re as excited for this release as we are. Go take OS Updates for a test drive in your Jamf Now instance and keep your eyes peeled for even more product updates as we head into 2018.

For more information about OS Updates, check out our feature overview on our Help Center. If you’re ready to use OS Updates, our walkthrough will take you step by step through the process.

Ready to try Jamf Now?
If you’re not already a part of the Jamf Now family, feel free to explore our demo environment or take the plunge and create an account — where your first three managed devices are always free.

Garrett Denney
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