JAMF Software Keynote 2015

Opening keynote for the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) with JAMF Software executives discussing the beginnings of the JNUC and the future of JAMF Software.

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JAMF Nation User Conference 2015 - Keynote crowd

JAMF Software co-founder Chip Pearson talks about the history of Apple in the enterprise during the JAMF Nation User Conference keynote.

Chip Pearson discusses the rapid increase of devices being managed using the Casper Suite.

JAMF Software co-founder Zach Halmstad talks about the growth of the Apple IT administrator community and participation in the JAMF Nation community.

JAMF Software CEO Dean Hager talks about the philosophy of enabling IT to enable end users.

The Wurtele Thrust Stage at the Guthrie Theater was filled to the gills as the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) got underway. As Apple IT admins from around the world gathered at this annual event, members of the JAMF Software team discussed the humble beginnings of the JNUC and its incredible growth over the years.

“For the first JNUC in 2010, we realized that people wanted to come together to learn and share and have a sense of community around the Apple platform,” said Chip Pearson.

Now with over 1,750 registrants, 45 U.S. states, 20 countries, and 5 continents represented, the JNUC has become a truly global event for the Apple community.

Apple on the rise
The JNUC crowd received a sneak peek of a recent study conducted by JAMF Software that highlighted how IT admins believe that Apple is easier to manage than any other platform and more secure.

The state of Apple and philosophy of JAMF Software was summed up best when Pearson said to the delighted crowd, "We’d rather go broke with Apple than make money with anyone else."

With that, Pearson handed the mic off to Zach Halmstad.

Supporting those who support others
With JAMF Nation turning five in November, Halmstad recognized a few of the top JAMF Nation community members who help their organizations and fellow IT admins answer the tough questions they face daily. On this year’s Dean's List is Ben Toms, David Acland, and Mike Morales.

Following the applause for the top community members, Halmstad dove right into the reason he founded the company and how Apple came into his life.

He became a user of Apple in 1993 and got his first job as an IT admin at the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire in 1997. When JAMF Software was founded in 2002, he was often asked "why he solely focused on Apple?" His response was always that he believed in Apple's mission and wanted to help empower people with Apple technology that puts humans first.

Halmstad also informed the crowd on why the decision was made to bring a new CEO onboard. He explained how a new CEO gave him and Pearson the freedom to focus on relationships with partners and customers, and the product as a whole. With a laugh, he said, “These are the things we’re good at. Budgets, not so much."

New CEO and the vision of JAMF Software
When Dean Hager, CEO, took the stage, he shared with the crowd how his life changed at 16 when an Apple II computer was wheeled into the classroom — it was love at first sight.

As his career in the technology industry blossomed, he understood that "Apple does the best job in the industry of getting technology out of the way and having technology work for the user, instead of the other way around.”

Hager highlighted where JAMF Software plans to invest its resources and announced that a new Research and Development center will be opening in Poland, to complement the U.S. locations in Eau Claire, WI, and Minneapolis, MN.

As Hager explained, JAMF Software will focus on:

System Architecture: Scalability and stability
Current Apple Technology: Same-day support for latest operating systems
User experience and environment: Enrollment and assignments, and Self Service plus
Streamline work for IT: Patch management and provisioning
Cloud computing: Content distribution and enterprise integration
Industry solutions: Teacher effectiveness and student learning—with a dedicated team focused on the needs of education—and future exploration of the retail and healthcare industries

Staying current with JAMF Software and Casper Suite updates
For the 26,494 and growing number of JAMF Nation members, Hager says that the best way to remain in-step with all the happenings is to follow along on JAMF Nation.

He closed the opening keynote by telling the crowd, "You believed in the Mac and Apple and the rest of the world is starting to follow."

And with that, the 2015 JNUC was off and running! If you're unable to attend this year's JNUC, keep a close eye on our blog. We'll be providing articles on each session throughout the three-day event.

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