Jamf and Apple updates to support education app choices

Jamf Teacher adds a new interface so educators can add apps from the Apple Education Partner Program. Also, the latest version of Jamf Teacher includes improvements to Raise Hand notifications. Read to learn more.

July 1 2024 by

Hannah Hamilton

Mat Pullen

Young student using an iPad managed by Jamf School with apps obtained from the Apple Education Partner Program

Teachers use iPads to enhance the learning experience for all types of students. Jamf Teacher, a part of your Jamf School implementation, helps teachers manage their classroom by:

  • Allowing or restricting websites and apps to keep focus on learning
  • Get students’ attention with an on-device prompt
  • Add apps to student devices
  • Send messages to help students who need more information
  • And more!

A recent update to Jamf Teacher supports educators with a section that showcases apps from the Apple Education Partner Program (EPP). This program showcases many apps that directly impact education and are vetted by Apple to serve educators and institutions. Apps in this program provide specific solutions to educators, and many provide additional professional learning opportunities to further support educators with technology. Within Jamf Teacher, educators can now search through their list as well as though any other pre-approved applications made available by their IT teams.

In addition to apps pre-approved by IT, this gives teachers a host of appropriate apps to choose from that support their learning initiatives.

Menu in Jamf Teacher listing apps suggested by the Apple Education Partner Program. This includes apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Sphero Edu Jr, Telo Jr, and more.

Adding apps from the Apple EPP in Jamf Teacher

Updates to Raise Hand notifications

With the Jamf Teacher version 5.0.3 for macOS and 8.0.3 for iOS, Raise Hand notifications now appear as pop-ups instead of full screen. Additionally:

  • When the Jamf Teacher app is running in the background, Raise Hand notifications now only display as system notifications.
  • Teachers can click the Raise Hand icon next to a student's name to open Messages.
  • The Raise Hand icon next to a student's name is now removed after a teacher opens the notification.
  • When leaving a class, teachers are now informed that Raise Hand notifications will be cleared.
Preview of Raise Hand pop up notification in Jamf Teacher

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