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October 10, 2019 by Kyle Ericson

Why you should join Jamf Nation

If you aren't already leveraging the largest Apple IT community on the planet, this systems engineer wants to fill you in on what you're missing.

If you haven't heard of Jamf Nation, you’re most likely new to mobile device management (MDM) or IT altogether. Jamf Nation is the most active, most viewed community out there for everything Apple. I remember back in the old days before I used Jamf, I would search for an Apple answer and without fail I’d be pointed to Jamf Nation.

So, if you fall in the camp that isn’t in the know about Jamf Nation, I want to fill you in.

What is Jamf Nation?

Jamf Nation is a community of Apple admins that come together to find answers to Apple problems, collaborate on scripts and request features for Jamf Pro. The great thing about Jamf Nation — and what separates it from other community sites — is that it's free for everyone. You don’t even have to be a Jamf customer. You simply sign up and start searching discussions or begin creating your own to ask questions, learn new workflows or get insight on really anything imaginable when it comes to Apple IT. Most of the time someone will either have the same problem you have or be able to point you in the right direction.

Never go it alone again

Jamf Nation is super easy to post scripts, screenshots and links. Say I want to find a way to deploy the latest macOS to my company Macs. I can go out to Jamf Nation and first search to see if someone has already done this and if so, find their script and use it. If I can't find the answer, I can post my question and most of the time get a response in less than 24 hours.

Another great thing about Jamf Nation is the ability to find an easy way to install tough Mac applications. A quick search often results in step-by-step instructions and maybe even a link to download the script.

Help shape the future of Apple device management

Jamf Nation is a great selling point if you're on the fence to buy Jamf, as this free community is essentially an awesome extension of Jamf’s already best-in-class support. Once you purchase Jamf, you can easily see how others are using the product and how you can complete similar tasks. As a bonus, jump over to the feature request section of Jamf Nation to view what other admins want to see from Jamf Pro. I was so impressed by this area; first by the number of ideas and votes for those ideas and second by the fact that Jamf truly values the feedback and implements where possible.

For example, I had just moved from another MDM. I had a feature that I really liked in the old MDM, so I created a feature request for that feature. I took screenshots from the other MDM and also explained why Jamf should have this feature. I checked back in a few days and my feature request already had a bunch of up votes and comments from other admins. Then about two months later I saw that my feature request was moved to planned. I waited another two months and my feature was added to Jamf Pro. This is unheard of today in technology, the fact that a feature I requested was added in less than six months is truly amazing!

All in all, the biggest take away from Jamf Nation and Jamf as a whole is they really care about the customer. That is pretty cool, and you won't find that in any other MDM that's currently on the marketplace.

I recommend you check out Jamf Nation today and see what you’ve been missing. And if you’re not already a Jamf customer, you’ll definitely want to check them out too.

Kyle is a member of Jamf Heroes and systems engineer at a large manufacturing organization.

Kyle Ericson
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