Solution Partner Program

Integrate your technology with the Jamf platform. Open a world of possibility for your customers and your organization.

Why integrate with Jamf?

When integrating with Jamf, you are tapping into the strongest Apple enterprise ecosystem in the world. Customers you have today (and those you haven’t met yet) want to see your products integrated with ours. Don’t worry — Jamf’s Developer Tools are powerful and flexible to meet your integration workflow needs. Join Jamf’s Solution Partner Program to gain access to these benefits and more:

Access to Jamf Developer Tools and Resources

Our APIs, webhooks and platform are made for developers to build a connected experience for common customers. Members of our Solution Partner Program get access to software instances, documentation, training and more. Have a workflow or technical question? Book time with a Solution Partner Engineer to discuss it.

A listing on the Jamf Marketplace

Develop an integration, then share it to the world on the Jamf Marketplace. This opens you up to an audience focused on managing, connecting and protecting the Apple ecosystem. List your service with links to pricing, documentation and ways to get started. Encourage your customers to leave ratings and reviews. Grow market awareness by being at the center of the Apple enterprise ecosystem.

Strategy and partnership

We offer elevated program tiers for partners that are strategic in delivering value with Jamf. Jamf’s Solution Partner Managers work collaboratively to understand your priorities and where we focus. Engage with our audience and teams through webinars, blogs, industry events and sales alignment. Partner tiers become available based on executive buy-in, customer overlap and executive sponsorship.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of the program.

Developer Partner

The Developer Partner tier is for those that need access to an instance of Jamf Pro, or require support for the development of apps and tools that integrate with Jamf Pro. Jamf Developer Partners also get access to our Developer Relations Team, Online Training, and the ability to list your app or integration on the Jamf Marketplace.

Solution Partner

In addition to the benefits of a Developer Partner, the Solution Partner tier helps amplify the message of your app or service. Through collaboration, and a directed go-to-market strategy, we can build relationships and collateral that help bring awareness to your offering.

When working with Jamf, the sky isn’t even the limit!

Start with the free Developer Tier, and make progress towards Solution or Strategic Solution Partner. Reach out to discuss integrating your product or service with Jamf today.