Survey: Employees Choose Apple for Work

The Majority of Organizations are Offering Choice Programs; Employees Cite Ease of Use as the Top Reason for Choosing Apple

MINNEAPOLIS – April 13, 2016 – Organizations are increasingly offering employees technology device choice, and when given the choice people choose Mac and iPhone for work. This is a key finding from a global survey of executives, managers, and IT professionals on choice programs in the workplace from JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management.

Defined as giving employees the freedom to choose among brands of computer hardware and/or mobile devices for work, employee choice programs have gained prominence in the modern business landscape. Over half (61 percent) of survey respondents say their company has implemented a choice program, which can include employer-owned devices, BYOD (bring your own device), or both. Eighty percent say they should become a standard in business, demonstrating that choice programs are here to stay.

When given the choice, employees prefer Apple. Survey respondents attribute Apple’s ease of use as the number one reason for selecting Mac (75 percent) and iOS (79 percent) as their work device of choice. More and more employees choose Apple devices for work because Apple is what they prefer in their everyday lives, a finding consistent with JAMF Software’s 2015 Apple Trends Survey.

Today’s findings also reveal a generation gap in computer choice. Employees between the ages of 18 and 54 overwhelmingly choose Mac, while those 55 and over are more comfortable using PCs. However, when given a mobile device choice, nearly 80 percent of all age groups select iOS compared to just 18 percent who choose Android. Regardless of age, when employees are given the technology they want, employers are rewarded with more productive and appreciative employees.

Summary of Key Survey Findings:

  • 61 percent of respondents say their company has a choice program
  • 79 percent choose iOS as their mobile device operating system of choice, with “ease of use” cited as the top reason (41 percent)
  • 75 percent choose Mac over PC, with “ease of use” cited as the top reason for this choice (43 percent)
  • 72 percent claim that the ability to select their device of choice makes them more productive in the workplace
  • 73 percent say that choice programs are important to the well being of an organization
  • 70 percent of those who currently lack user choice say their organization should give them the right to choose the device that best empowers them to do their job

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Survey Methodology
This survey, conducted in February 2016, is based on the responses from 480 executives, managers, and IT professionals from small, medium, and large organizations around the world.

Comment on the News
“Employees today not only want–but expect–the ability to choose the devices they are most comfortable with for work,” said Dean Hager, CEO, JAMF Software. “Because Apple builds technology that puts people first, people prefer Apple. When employers combine the freedom of choice with Apple, employees are happier and are empowered to be more productive–offering a huge business advantage.”

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