Stop Binding your Macs and Use NoMAD Login

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After viewing this video, walk away with knowledge on the basics of a DEP workflow utilizing NoMAD Login and ideas about how to improve your own Mac deployment method.

A smoother workflow for Mac Deployment.

With DEP quickly becoming the only Apple-sanctioned way to deploy Macs, new workflows are often unfamiliar to admins accustomed to traditional onboarding methods like imaging and binding to Active Directory. This video explains and demonstrates new DEP workflows using NoMAD Login (and to a lesser extent NoMAD) to utilize an existing AD environment without binding. This video also shares the benefits, including local account creation matching AD user credentials, automatic Kerberos authentication for SSO, and covers every step required to successfully implement a DEP-based workflow with Jamf Pro and NoMAD Login.

You might already know about Jamf’s acquisition of Orchard & Grove, the makers of NoMAD, that happened earlier this fall, to learn more about Jamf Connect (formally NoMAD) make sure to check out our blog: Everything you need to know about Jamf Connect.

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