TEAL+ Experience

“TEAL+ Experience”: Join us as we discuss and discover technology-enabled active learning opportunities in the everyday learning environment.

In this hands-on guided workshop, you’ll experience TEAL+ programming to gain practical insights into goals and ways for practical application of the key concepts used in Matter Innovation Hubs - a Jamf Community Education Initiative. What we have learned in our work through the Matter Innovation Hubs across the globe is, that as educators we need to provide a purposeful and deliberate approach to integrating educational technology to support a shift toward student-centered instructional practices and transformational use of educational technology. TEAL+ is an acronym for Technology Enabled Active Learning with the + emphasizing Personal Learning (PL) combined with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). TEAL+ programming provides a simplified practical approach to implementing the use of educational technology in a student-centered environment to support 21st-century skills and educational transformation. Key takeaways from this session include: Technology Enabled (TE) elements supporting both students and teachers How the learning environment supports Active Learning (AL) Key criteria for EdTech to support TEAL+ How to use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) activities to support TEAL+ How to streamline instructional practices to support Active Learning and Personalized Learning.

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