The Art of Employee Onboarding

Learn how Electric makes onboarding quicker and more pleasant for IT and employees.

As the landscape to hire and retain top talent becomes ultracompetitive, the employee experience is more important than ever. With technology ingrained in nearly ever facet of business, providing an efficient way to quickly get employees comfortable and productive with their device is one way organizations can stand out.

Historically, the onboarding process has presented a variety of challenges, including:

  • IT and HR alignment
  • Supporting specific departmental needs
  • Enforcing documentation and process standards
  • Manual execution of time-consuming tasks

Electric is a technology company that helps overcome these challenges and bridges processes between IT, HR and the employee. Offering tools to specify an employee’s start date, the types of resources the employee needs and which groups the employee should be assigned, Electric takes the nervousness out of the first day — for all parties.

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