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Jamf integration for ServiceNow.

Complete your management workflows and deliver better IT service.

macOS inventory capabilities and automated software delivery.

Now possible with Jamf Pro and ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is one of the most comprehensive service management platforms on the planet and enterprise, higher education and healthcare IT relies heavily on ServiceNow to automate their IT and business processes for operations management. But one thing is missing — macOS inventory and software distribution. Not anymore. Jamf Pro integrates with ServiceNow to provide organizations with a macOS inventory and automated software delivery solution that completes software license management workflows.

Now, IT can enjoy a 360-degree view of their Mac environment in order to make better business decisions and demonstrate compliance. The days of going to multiple places to look up user and hardware data are over.

Known as a leader in delivering automated IT services for PC software distribution, ServiceNow can now mirror this automation for Macs using ServiceNow's world-class Orchestration. With Jamf Pro, employees have one central place to request software and apps, gain approval and then automatically install their software on their Mac.

How does this integration make your life easier?

Inventory data and reports

  • Automatically collect user, hardware and security device data for each Mac
  • Revoke or reassign software licenses that aren’t being used.
  • Run reports on any inventory category and create a dashboard for instant report visibility

App and Content Distribution

  • Automatically distribute apps and content to Macs — an exclusive feature of the Jamf Pro integration
  • Easily receive and fulfill a ticketed request
  • Fulfill a ticked request in the same place your users requested it

Internal App Store

  • Distribute apps and content through Jamf Self Service, your organization’s enterprise app store
  • Link ServiceNow and Jamf Self Service to create a central place for your users to interact with IT
  • Allow users to install organization-approved apps and software without IT help

Ready to put this integration to work at your organization?