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See how apps help organizations get more out of iPad and iPhone.
February 19, 2016 by Daniel Weber

Apps and iOS: Key players in business transformation

See why apps are crucial for key industries, such as retail, healthcare, and field services to improve employee interaction and customer service. 

With the enterprise mobile landscape growing and evolving on a seemingly daily basis, many business leaders are left wondering, “What mobile device platform is right for my organization, how do I manage it while also ensuring I’m getting the most out of it?”

As the only platform designed for consumers and embraced by businesses, iOS continues to gain steam in the enterprise. It may be the intuitive interface, the secure ecosystem of business-ready apps, or the built-in tools that empower users to be more productive; either way, employees are going gaga for iPad and iPhone.

As for employers and IT, they’re seeing that Apple is the more secure, easier to manage platform. You toss in that iPad and iPhone pave the way for better engagement, enhanced business practices, and a greater output of creative and innovative work, and it sounds like we have a winner in the enterprise mobility contest.

Get more out of mobility in business
iOS on its own provides users with a wealth of resources, content, and tools, but when paired with a mobile device management (MDM) solution, businesses can go beyond day-to-day operations and truly transform business processes.

As the great American psychologist Abraham Maslow eloquently explained, there are basic needs (food, shelter) that must be met before achieving items that are desired (love, self-esteem). These same principles can be applied to iPad and iPhone usage in business.

Wait, what?
That’s right. When crossing off certain must-haves such as device deployment, inventory, and security, organizations can reach a state where apps—customized or straight out of iTunes—can be applied to take the entire business to new heights.

Don’t just take our word for it
We’ve put together an easy to navigate e-book that goes more in depth and explains ways to bring these practices to life. You’ll learn:

  • Mobile device management basics and best practices
  • Why apps are transforming the way business is done
  • How key industries, such as retail, healthcare, and field services are improving customer interaction and service with iOS

Ready to start your journey on the path to business transformation?

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