Are you ready for iOS 9?

Review Apple's iOS 9 checklist and features to ensure a great experience for users and IT the moment iOS 9 becomes available.

August 21 2015 by

Daniel Weber

Learn how to upgrade seamlessly to iOS 9 by using Apple's checklist and the Casper Suite.

As the anticipation for iOS 9 grows, Apple has released a checklist for IT. This will help ensure a great experience for users and IT the moment that iOS 9 becomes available.

As a reminder, several new productivity, security, and management capabilities are coming with this release. Highlights include:

  • Multitasking to allow two apps to run at once on iPads
  • An updated iPad keyboard with cut, copy, and paste buttons
  • Software update command to tell devices to update to the latest OS
  • New configuration profiles to restrict consumer features in iOS, such as the new News app and AirDrop

Once you read through the checklist, see how the Casper Suite can help you painlessly upgrade to iOS 9.

For more information on the trends of iOS adoption, take a look at this report from Mixpanel.

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