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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Branding Self Service for Your Organization

Branding Self Service for Your Organization

Emily Kausalik walked us through a workflow and tips to customize Self Service so that users are more inclined to self-enroll. 

The chances of getting ALL your employees to use Self Service to its full extent may be a little slim, and Emily Kausalik knows that. That’s why she filled us in on a little secret: ‘sell’ Self Service to users through customization methods. She found that this leads to more employees adopting and using the app to perform several tasks, including self-enrollment into the JSS.

Emily, a Desktop Support Technician at Volusion, showed us how to customize Self Service and tailor it to our specific type of organization. She took us through a workflow that included changing:

  • Name of the application
  • Name in the menu bar
  • Dock, plug-in, progress bar, and login icons
  • Background color
  • Plug-ins

She went on to give a few tips to help encourage users to self-enroll. Tips included:

  • Send a nice email, and then send it again
  • Require a directory login
  • Let users know any requested software will be installed through/using Self Service
  • Sell it to new hires!
  • Don’t forget; Self Service is pretty much the only part of the service they “see” so tell them all about it
  • Encourage using Self Service to troubleshoot
  • Put all software requests in Self Service to download

With the help of customization methods, users may be much more inclined to use Self Service when they think it’s a company app. But that’s our little secret. 

Watch the full video of this session now.

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