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Cynics Beware: Adobe in the Enterprise

Karl Gibson of Adobe discusses the enhancements to Creative Cloud Enterprise during the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC). 

2015 has been the year of Creative Cloud Enterprise at Adobe — with enterprise-specific features such as SSO, managed services, in transit and at rest encryption, and cloud packaging. This intuition was on full display at the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) as Karl Gibson, product manager on the Creative Cloud Enterprise team, explained what Creative Cloud in the Enterprise means for IT admins.

Karl says the new features give you the ability to change settings, language, disable and enable apps and updates easier, and provides a level of collaboration and standardization for organizations using Adobe. 

He mentioned that a “slightly contentious issue is the installer technology" that Adobe uses. He says that this has evolved with new installer technology. The new technology cuts down the installation time significantly. He describes it as “some serious optimization on how it installs and the size of the footprint it creates.” The JNUC crowd in attendance then received a demo of the enhancements and dashboards. 

Adobe wants to hear from you
A common theme throughout the session was Adobe’s desire to hear feedback from IT admins and see how they could serve them better. He says the feedback they’ve received thus far indicate that the enhancements made are being positively received by IT. To continue the conversation, you can converse through the Twitter handle @adobe_ITToolkit or contact Karl directly over the next 24 hours at Karl.Gibson@adobe.com

Latest on RUM 
RUM is a command line utility conceived at the 2014 JNUC that allows IT to invoke the updater on the client system to retrieve updates. Karl says he kept hearing concern that RUM did not list updates that were available, but RUM now does that. You can even cache the updates and install them at a later time. And RUM now includes more robust logging capabilities.

Although Karl said he expected hostility from the crowd, a constructive conversation with the IT admins present bodes well for Adobe in the enterprise. 

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