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January 26, 2015 by Daniel Weber

Eight things to look for in a Mac management tool

See how a best-of-breed tool helps IT deploy, secure, and report on technology in the most flexible and efficient ways possible.

A decade ago, the Mac was an uncommon sight in businesses and routinely ignored by corporate IT. Today, more and more business leaders and users are choosing Mac. Apple devices in business have more than doubled over the past three years and more growth is expected, according to a 2014 survey conducted by Dimensional Research.

Leading IT organizations recognize the unique capabilities of OS X and desire a best-of-breed tool built for the Apple platform that integrates with their existing IT infrastructure. Such a tool can help remove constraints of cost, risk, and scale for business and schools, and help IT deploy, secure, and report on technology in the most flexible and efficient ways possible.

To help make the best decision for your organization, ensure any Mac management tool you choose offers these eight benefits:

1. Customizable, actionable, and integrated inventory capabilities.

2. Hardware and software deployment capabilities that are modular, automated, flexible, and that can be user-driven.

3. Ability to secure Mac operating systems and applications using native Apple security tools and preserving the user experience.

4. Support for Apple enterprise programs such as the Device Enrollment Program, Volume Purchasing Program, and Mobile Device Management.

5. Close monitoring of the Apple ecosystem for opportunities to build on Apple innovations.

6. Zero-day support to help IT administrators immediately and fully manage new Apple Operating Systems.

7. Services, support, and training to help IT implement using industry best practices and ensure systems always run optimally.

8. Access to a community of 20,000 knowledgeable, helpful, passionate, and welcoming Apple administrators.

A best-of-breed solution helps IT administrators successfully manage Mac in the enterprise by providing a specific focus on the Apple platform and a general focus on the entire client management lifecycle. This ensures that inventory, deployment, and security can be maintained, while still preserving the native Apple experience.

To learn more about what a best-of-breed Mac management tool can do for you, check out our white paper.

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