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August 9, 2022 by Tim Herr

Tiered offerings make it easy to grow with Jamf

Jamf’s expanding product portfolio is designed to meet customers where they are, providing comprehensive support from startup to maturity. What solution is best for your organization’s needs?

When Jamf was born 20 years ago in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, our mission was to provide a better management solution for Mac computers. The product that is now known as Jamf Pro expanded to offer mobile device management (MDM) functionality for the full range of Apple devices found in the workplace, widening the scope of what it meant to be an Apple-first company. Since then, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the trusted name in MDM for the Apple ecosystem, boasting same-day support for Apple updates and solutions that evolve to match the devices they serve.

Because everyone deserves an efficient and reliable MDM solution, we’ve worked hard to meet customers where they are with solutions geared to their organizational needs. Incorporating Jamf School for the education space and Jamf Now to cater to small and medium-sized businesses without significant IT budgets, we’ve continued to make it easier to succeed with Apple in a changing business environment.

Managing Apple devices calls for access and security solutions

The challenges that organizations face today when managing Apple devices have changed quite a bit in the last 20 years, and questions of access and security have come to the forefront. While Apple’s powerful native security features continue to provide an excellent first line of defense, more sophisticated threats targeting the Apple ecosystem call for robust identity management, endpoint protection and network threat defense solutions. Successfully managing Apple devices increasingly means connecting and protecting them as well, and the Jamf portfolio has expanded accordingly to make sure that our customers receive the support they need.

Making our MDM solutions work well with third-party software products is part of our strategy for supporting organizations however they do business, and our Jamf Marketplace features integrations ranging from independent developers to popular applications in the Microsoft and Google ecosystems. But we’re also concerned with offering customers the full range of solutions needed to manage and secure their device fleets using the Jamf platform. Offering enhanced versions of our MDM products with additional features including built-in access and security functionality is a key approach for ensuring that we have the perfect support package for wherever each customer is on their journey.

Graduated support levels help your organization to grow

For customers who have grown beyond the MDM basics but aren’t ready yet to purchase dedicated identity management and security solutions, our enhanced plans offer a step up in more effectively managing expanding fleets and workforces. Enterprise customers can go beyond Jamf Pro with the Jamf Business plan, getting identity-based access and multi-factor authentication, endpoint protection and threat prevention, plus on-demand resources for users.

Part of the appeal of this tiered approach to management solutions is that if your organization starts to outgrow one solution, it’s easy to step up to the next level without stepping away from the Jamf platform. This means less time spent finding and implementing a new solution, and less time training admins to master it – ultimately translating into lower total operating costs (TCO) and uninterrupted workflows. You’ll also have the assurance that your software solutions will work optimally together and will stay up to date with the latest releases from Apple.

We’ve seen that it’s possible to gain significant TCO benefits by switching to Apple, but it’s possible to multiply that effect by relying on Jamf to manage and secure your Apple devices through every stage of your organization’s journey. Wherever you start and however far you grow, Jamf strives to offer the right solution for every moment.

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