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See the results from the 2016 Technology Choice Survey

How important is technology choice in the workplace?

When it comes to the devices we use at work, does it really matter? The answer to that may surprise you. Surveying business professionals from around the world, we got to the bottom of the prevalence and importance of offering employees technology choice.

Check out our report to see:

  • How many organizations are giving employees a right to choose their work device
  • If Mac and PC are true rivals when it comes to device preference
  • The role age plays in which devices employees select
  • What the future holds for employee choice programs

Aside from keeping you informed on the latest technology trends, our report examines what organizations, IT, and employees need to consider prior to implementing a technology choice program.

Get the report and take a giant step forward to empowering your entire staff with the tools they need to be more productive and generate better, more creative work.

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