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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - It’s here! It’s here! Creative Cloud in the Enterprise

It’s here! It’s here! Creative Cloud in the Enterprise

Karl Gibson discussed the new choices for licensing, deploying, updating, and services with Creative Cloud.

Karl Gibson, a Product Manager at Adobe, explained how the once elusive unicorn has been wrangled with the arrival of Creative Cloud for the enterprise. As he explained, you have always been able to purchase the Creative Cloud applications as part of an Enterprise Agreement, but the grand vision of collaboration, storage, fonts, versioning, and application Self Service just wasn’t there.

Early in the presentation, Karl reflected on his experience with Adobe to identify where he fit into the process. This self-reflection led to a key revelation. “We are the enablers of IT – we take something very complex and we make it simple. That’s our job, it’s what we do,” he said.

Karl emphasized the need to “keep figuring out new ways to enable IT and provide value in these services.” To exhibit this enablement, Karl shared a video explaining how real-life end users are benefiting from Adobe’s powerful tools. This was followed by a live demo hosted by Adobe Computer Scientist, Sachin Porwal. Creative Cloud for the enterprise will provide “faster, easier, centralized creative and management of packages to IT” according to Porwal.

This arrival brings with it new choices for licensing, deploying, updating, and services available for end-users. Attendees were on cloud nine with all the different options available for managing Creative Cloud in the enterprise! One participant proclaimed, “This looks totally awesome – thank you!” following the live demo.

We want to thank Adobe for being a dedicated sponsor of the JAMF Nation User Conference for the past four years. 

Watch the full video of this session now.

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