It’s not about the technology in education, right?

In this blog post, discover how even the best teaching practices can benefit from the latest educational tools.

June 15 2016 by

Dave Saltmarsh

See why Mac and iPad are enhancing learning in today's classrooms.

While teachers are and will continue to be the backbone of education, even the best teaching practices can benefit from the latest educational tools. By utilizing the appropriate technology, improved student learning and instructional practices can be realized, and ultimately personalized learning can be supported on a large scale. What personalized learning looks like and its definition of success is often in the eye of the beholder.

Although customizing the individual learning experience is the goal for many schools, the concept of personalized learning has become so broadly used that many are unsure how to proceed. For those in this camp, a prime example of making this concept a reality is Ridley School District in Philadelphia. With several years of proven success improving student achievement, Ridley’s story is one of vision, passionate staff, and education partners coming together to provide an integrated and transformative process that supports individualized student learning.

Ridley was not alone on their quest
Transforming the classroom takes time and the right systems in place. Challenges to bridging personalized learning and technology can be mitigated by schools and partners working together. To achieve learning bliss, you need to:

  • Get the right content to the right student at the right time in an automated way 
  • Leverage technology solutions that aid teachers and IT in their efforts to personalize learning for every student
  • Recognize technology’s role in curriculum and integrate its wide-ranging functionality in lesson plans 

To support their mission of personalized learning, Ridley partnered with eSpark Learning and JAMF Software. By combining the ability to curate appropriate learning apps for each student and deliver those apps utilizing a powerful device management tool, Ridley was not only able to individualize learning but also measure how students were progressing in their studies. 

To hear more of Ridley’s story and learn how you can implement this level of education nirvana in your school, check out this video.

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