How to move your devices from Jamf Pro to Jamf School

Jamf sales engineers Tracey Joyce and Christina Gremillion walk you through the steps required to migrate from Jamf Pro to Jamf School.

September 29 2022 by

Hannah Hamilton

Many schools have chosen Jamf Pro as their Apple mobile device management (MDM) platform. Tracey Joyce and Christina Gremillion have years of prior experience in K-12 education; as sales engineers at Jamf, they have noticed that many educators are interested in an MDM migration from Jamf Pro to Jamf School to enhance their education experience. In this presentation, they walk us through what the Jamf Pro to Jamf School migration process typically looks like.

Here’s an outline of the process that Joyce and Gremillion expand on in their presentation:

  1. Make notes of existing workflows in Jamf Pro: Make sure you document what smart groups, configuration profiles and scripts you are using.
  2. Set up your Jamf School instance: The integrated setup assistant walks you through each step from creating your Apple push notifications, to setting up your device MDM server, to configuring your app and book tokens. Here you can create or import configuration profiles, create placeholders, or establish smart or static device groups.
  3. Backup devices: Since your devices will need to be wiped to remove the Jamf Pro profile and add the Jamf School profile, devices should be backed up to a cloud service.
  4. Apple School Manager (ASM): You can migrate all or a subset of your devices based on your setup. Apps and books should be taken care of first by creating a new location in ASM and moving your token from Jamf Pro to Jamf School. Joyce walks us through the process in the presentation.
  5. Automated device enrollment: Gremillion walks us through how to create a new MDM server in ASM for Jamf School, move device serial numbers to the new server and manage the public key. Here you can remove the token in Jamf Pro and transition to Jamf School. Devices should also be wiped to have the new Jamf School profile added. They can now use automated device enrollment with customizations you want to add.
  6. Post migration checks: At this stage you check to ensure that your migration was successful. Device inventory, app deployment and configuration profiles should all be verified.

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