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August 7, 2020 by Kathryn Joy

Organizations, Jamf Nation answer the call for help during COVID-19

Hear some of the inspiring stories that happen when individuals and companies come together for the betterment of others.

COVID-19 has changed the world. Students are learning from home and frontline healthcare workers are stepping into increasingly dangerous situations to deliver care. The need for technology is at an all-time high and while government-funded programs are aiming to fund these issues, there are thousands of organizations across the globe who simply won’t benefit because funding will dry up or they don’t have adequate knowledge to fully leverage the technology.

To help solve these challenges, Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, launched Jamf Nation Redeploy — an initiative to help organizations across the globe with unused Apple devices connect with organizations that are in need. Drawing on the deep expertise of members of Jamf Nation, we connect organizations with devices with those in need and provide best practices for preparing devices for donation and redeployment, and make sure they are set up for success with telehealth or distance-learning initiatives.

Our hope was with the breadth of all of the companies in the global Apple ecosystem, plus the massive amount of knowledge possessed by Jamf Nation, we would be able to successfully bridge many of the common gaps that have made deploying technology as a response to COVID-19 difficult.

We’ve been blown away to have over two dozen Jamf Nation community volunteers from all across the globe share their time and expertise to help organizations with no prior deployment knowledge get up to speed.

And, so far, we have placed over 150 iPads in the hands of organizations in need. From hospital systems who are leveraging telehealth technology to care for chronically ill patients like the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center with 50 devices donated from our partner Second Life Mac to community organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles — we are seeing this initiative make a real impact.

The Creighton Community Foundation supports the communities surrounding District #14 in Phoenix, AZ with the mission to connect and support community engagement, enhance the quality and funding of education and bring resources to those in greatest need within their community. Diamond Assets, a leader in the Apple buyback industry, donated 63 Jamf-provisioned iPad devices to the Creighton Community Foundation. With this partnership, the foundation is connecting Creighton kids, who would not otherwise have the ability to keep up with the requirements of a virtual, distance-learning world, with critical resources and technology.

“It’s so inspiring to see such dedicated, community-centric organizations like Creighton Community Foundation, who are connected across a number of mediums — in-person groups, as well as digital curriculum and engagement — that are driving good in our cities. Especially powered by the generosity of Diamond Assets, we hope this iPad-driven program will help to enrich the remote engagement of the students they serve during this extremely unique time of need; especially when it is likely that those very same students are feeling as disengaged and disconnected as ever. We’re also extremely thankful for the many Jamf Nation volunteers who have raised their hands to power this initiative with their guidance and expertise in order to help these organizations effectively deploy these donated devices. Their generosity is the very fuel for success.”

Josh Jagdfeld

Director, Jamf Nation Redeploy

We are beyond encouraged to see this work doing exactly what we set out to do. And there is still work to be done. Volunteers continue to raise their hands and there are countless organizations to partner with in order to make a real impact and get resources to those in need.

You can join Jamf Nation and support this initiative — be it device donations or your time and knowledge — or learn more today.

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Kathryn Joy
Kathryn is a Content Strategist at Jamf with an emphasis on healthcare and partnerships. An art historian by education, Kathryn has a penchant for architecture, travel and meeting other people's pets.
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