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March 31, 2020 by Jonathan Locast

School @ Home: Extending a helping hand to schools and students

With the changes in educational needs, we wanted to still offer schools the existing features of Jamf School, Jamf School Teacher, Jamf School Student, and Jamf Parent while releasing three new features that target the direct needs of students and teachers. That is why we created the “Raise Hand”, “Teacher Guide” and “Share a Lesson” features.

Last year, Jamf recognized the need that schools had for managing the Apple devices they were incorporating into their everyday classroom when we launched our school-specific product – Jamf School. Technology and devices are no longer a trend in learning, they are an educational necessity that schools need to incorporate into their education plan as they prepare their students with necessary life skills and we want to help provide that opportunity to everyone.

Now, the needs of education have shifted and Jamf is 100% committed to helping educators, parents and students in this changing educational environment. We have formed a partnership with Apple for a special, free, 120-day trial offer for educational access to Jamf worldwide, and have released several features to help teachers, students and parents move to a virtual environment in a safe, effective manner immediately. We are calling this ‘School @ Home’.

With the changes in educational needs, we wanted to still offer schools existing features of Jamf School, Jamf School Teacher, Jamf School Student, and Jamf Parent while releasing three new features that target the direct needs of students and teachers facing the challenges of facilitating remote learning so they can spend less time learning how to teach and more time interacting with their students.

This is why we have created the “Raise Hand”, “Teacher Guide” and “Share a Lesson” features. As an educator, you can use the new Jamf School “School @ Home” features to easily shift to a remote learning environment while benefiting teachers, students and parents with Jamf School, Jamf Parent and the Jamf School Teacher App.

Raise Hand

We know that some students can struggle to get a teacher’s attention when working and, when learning at home, it can be even more of a problem. This gives students an easy way to alert their teachers they need help while allowing teachers the ability to press the notification showing the student and choose whether to message or email the student immediately bridging the gap that distance has created.

Within the Jamf School Student app is a “Raise Hand” tile that allows students to simply push it and “raise a hand”. This pushes a notification to teachers allowing them to respond immediately. It is our hope that this will give the student faster and more individualized attention to increase their learning and confidence in a virtual environment.

Teacher Guide

Students are not the only ones that are being forced into new and uncomfortable learning scenarios. Teachers are also being asked to work with their students in a manner that they are likely ill-prepared for, resulting in them being asked to quickly learn completely new methods for delivering lessons, homework, and support to their students.

Within the Jamf School Teacher is “Teacher Guide” which allows teachers to see helpful tips and guidance on how to teach remotely with virtual and remote learning – complete with videos and tutorials that are updated to keep fresh.

Our hope is that teachers can access helpful teaching tips, tricks and resources to enhance their teaching experience in Jamf School Teacher. These include articles and interactive videos in seven languages that will be refreshed regularly to help as teachers acclimate into a virtual environment whether experienced or new to it all.

Share a Lesson

As more and more schools, teachers, and students take on facilitating remote learning, one thing becomes clear – we are all in this together. Everyone is being asked to change their methods, find new ways to educate and learn, and new ways to communicate. It’s times like this that the Education community shows off how tight-knit of a group it really is, and we want to help that.

“Share a Lesson” allows teachers to share a custom lesson with other teachers to help each other find success in the form of set-up restrictions and what shared apps and whitelisted websites are used in an effective lesson.

Our hope is that teachers can share the lessons they have created, including the necessary set-up restrictions, custom apps and whitelisted websites, with other teachers. This will help educators create an eLearning environment and create a level of consistency in the student experience across the school.

Remote learning can easily feel like a time when you are unsupported – working from home, no contact with students, communication is done virtually – but we want to change that for everyone. Everyone should feel like they have access to the help and support they need. Whether they are the student learning a lesson or the teacher delivering a lesson. Whether they are the parent trying to understand what their child is learning or a teacher trying to find the lesson they want to teach their students in this new learning environment. Jamf wants to help everyone feel supported.

Make sure you check out our E-book on facilitating remote learning to help make everyone’s learning experience as seamless as possible when learning from home.

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