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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Unwrap the Imaging Enigma

Unwrap the Imaging Enigma

Steve Wood filled us in on his keys to successfully imaging machines and where he believes imaging is headed.

The once mystery of IT was clarified by Steve Wood when he discussed the (not so scary) world of imaging. Steve, the IT Director for the Integer Group’s Dallas office, described how The Integer Group images and adapts to the changes of Macintosh Computers.

He began with a brief history of imaging, and the crowd reminisced the tools that they once used — NetRestore was a crowd favorite and received a smattering of yelps and applauds. He then moved on to the meat of the presentation, the steps of imaging. He broke it down into three, easy to use steps:

  • Boot the machine: NetBoot, External Drive, Target Disk Mode
  • Apply your imaging method: Fat, Modular, or Thin
  • Verify your machine is good to go

Steve highlighted three imaging tools that he finds very helpful:

  • AutoDMG — successor to instaDMG
  • CreateUserPKG — used for creating users on never booted systems
  • AutoCasperNBI — Ben Toms’ tool for creating a NetBoot image

Next, Steve discussed his progression of imaging from Modular to Thin, and walked us through his process for imaging new and re-deployed machines.

Steve closed it out by saying that ‘JAMF Software had stole his thunder’ because he believes that the future of imaging is true “zero touch” with the Device Enrollment Program and the Casper Suite handling the heavy lifting. Sorry about that Steve!

Watch the full video of this session now.

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