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May 23, 2017 by Jen Kaplan

What’s new in Jamf Pro 9.99.0?

Read how the new iOS and macOS management features of Jamf Pro will make your life easier.

Jamf Pro version 9.99.0 has arrived and it brings together enhancements to macOS inventory reporting and iOS device management workflows, reducing IT effort to maintain compliance and ensure organizational security. This release also improves IT workflows in education, adding Apple School Manager integration improvements to simplify device deployments for schools of all sizes.

Read on for what’s new:

New for iOS management
Apple introduced a new Lost Mode mobile device management (MDM) command in 2016, improving the chances of recovering lost or stolen devices by remotely locking a device and collecting its location — all without compromising employee or student privacy. When Lost Mode is activated, the iOS device receives a customized lock screen message, is disabled from use and sends its location to IT. Jamf Pro 9.99.0 unlocks more information on Lost Mode enabled devices, including Altitude, Speed and Timestamp. And for crafty students attempting to tamper with supervised devices, the new, always enforced Lost Mode setting ensures Lost Mode is enabled even after a device is re-enrolled.

Improve cellular data optimization and avoid unexpected data usage by end users with new Default and Data Access Point Name (APN) settings available in the Cellular payload of the mobile device configuration profile.

Actionable macOS information to keep your environment secure
With Jamf Pro 9.99.0, administrators can report on the status of Apple security tools, Gatekeeper and System Integrity Protection (SIP), directly within a computer’s inventory record in Jamf Pro. Search inventory and create smart groups with the new Gatekeeper and SIP criteria to enforce compliance and maintain organizational security.

New features just for schools
We’ve enhanced our Apple School Manager integration workflows. Along with adding the ability to specify a class description format, administrators can view Apple School Manager syncing data directly within Jamf Pro, including Last Sync, Class Name, Description, Course Name, Course Number, Class ID, Class Number, Location, Site and more! Schools can also connect multiple Apple School Manager accounts to Jamf Pro for simple management in large or complex environments.

Ready to take advantage?
The Jamf Pro 9.99.0 release is already available to Jamf customers. Get your upgrade. Cloud-hosted customers will be upgraded automatically.

New to Jamf?
Contact us to learn how Jamf Pro 9.99.0 can help you achieve your most important objectives. You can also start with a product demo to see what Jamf Pro can do. Or speak directly with one of our product experts. You’re going to love it!

Jen Kaplan
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