What’s new in the Apple School Manager Release

See how Casper Suite 9.92 improves workflows for IT admins and helps them deliver a better experience for the teachers and students they support.

May 17 2016 by

Jen Kaplan

What's new in the Apple School Release

The Casper Suite Apple School Manager Release has arrived! Casper Suite 9.92 introduces new features for schools to improve workflows for IT admins and deliver a better experience for the teachers and students they support. We're excited to help schools like yours deliver a great education technology experience. Check out the Casper Suite 9.92 capabilities that make it easier than ever to manage and succeed with Apple.

Introducing: Apple School Manager integration
We’ve worked with over 4,000 education customers and we’ve heard firsthand the challenges around the complexity of managing IT workflows. That’s why we’re introducing an automated and simplified way to manage device deployments in education with Casper Suite. Education workflows are greatly improved with the Casper Suite and Apple School Manager integration, giving IT a single reference point for all of their deployment and ongoing management needs. New integration features include:

  • Link your JAMF Software Server (JSS) with Apple School Manager and set the frequency for information syncing.
  • Automatically import and match student and teacher user information from Apple School Manager to JSS users.
  • Import class information to the JSS from Apple School Manager to create new classes.
  • Changes from Apple School Manager data will automatically update users and classes used in the JSS.

For more information, watch our Apple School Manager integration video. Apple School Manager is currently in preview with Apple and schools can enroll at https://school.apple.com/.

Enhance teacher effectiveness and the student experience with photos
Keeping students engaged in the classroom can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Apple's Classroom app allows teachers to better engage students, keep them focused, and maximize instruction time. For education customers using Apple's Classroom app or Shared iPad, the new "User Images" feature in the Casper Suite lets schools display student photos in Apple Classroom app and on Shared iPad. Teachers can easily identify which student is using which iPad and Shared iPad gives students a simplified and personalized login experience.

You asked and we listened: The product enhancements you wanted
One of the perks of participating in our 30,000+ Apple administrator community on JAMF Nation is the ability to submit and vote on feature requests. We review these requests on a regular basis, and for this release, we completed 18 of some of the most popular feature requests from JAMF Nation. For details on all of the new feature requests, download the release notes on JAMF Nation.

Ready to take advantage?
The Casper Suite Apple School Manager Release is already available to JAMF Software customers. Get your upgrade here. Please note: customers participating in the Apple School Manager preview can use the integration and all customers can use Apple's Classroom app.

New to the Casper Suite?
Many of the new education features from Apple, such as Apple's Classroom app and Shared iPad, require your iOS devices be supervised and managed by an MDM solution like Casper Suite. Start here with a product demo to see what the Casper Suite can do or request a personalized demo from one of our product experts.

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