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Jamf Professional Services Starting strong

We help you succeed with Apple and Jamf.

Professional services options

A professional onboarding and implementation helps you get the most out of Jamf. There are several ways to ensure you are managing your Apple fleet confidently.

Self-directed onboarding

Self-directed onboarding options are already rolled into the cost of your software. They offer schedule flexibility and the option to go at your own pace. Jamf offers:

  • Self-directed videos and tutorials for Jamf Now
  • In-app or website chat for Jamf Now
  • A simple, streamlined setup assistant for Jamf School

Premium services yearly subscription Premium services yearly subscription

Onsite and remote access to a dedicated team of Jamf specialists

Jamf Professional Services engineers focus on areas that your organization chooses, such as:

  • Jamf configuration and workflow design
  • Implementation strategies
  • Security management
  • Personnel education

Services vary depending on the subscription package and your organization’s needs. Contact your Jamf representative to learn more!