Apple Self Service – a turbo-charged app catalog.

For all your end user’s needs.

Self Service lets you help users help themselves.

Better access, speed and availability make for a stronger end-user experience. Taking the app catalog to a whole new level, Jamf Self Service empowers end users with instant access to resources, content and trusted apps through a single click – no help desk tickets needed.

Apps loading onto an iPad through Jamf's Self Service

More than an enterprise app store on demand.

Give users what they want, when they want It.

What’s in Self Service? More than an app catalog, Self Service transforms the IT and end-user experience. Through an intuitive interface, users can install apps, update configurations, and troubleshoot common issues, creating an environment of empowerment. You customize the Self Service catalog for what your users need:

  • Access to the App Store, B2B, in-house apps and third-party software
  • Email, VPN and other configurations
  • E-books, guides and videos
  • Bookmarks and shortcuts
  • Printer mapping and drivers
  • Help desk ticketing and hardware requests
  • Password resets and compliance information
  • Basic maintenance and system diagnostics
  • Software and OS upgrades
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) integration
  • Localized language support for English, French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

Empower users and kick duplicate help tickets to the curb.

Watch this short Self Service video to see how.

How IT/End Users Use Self Service

What’s in it for IT.

  • Reduce help desk tickets and support costs while maintaining control of your environment
  • Automatically install Self Service on any managed Mac, iPad or iPhone
  • Integrate with directory services to personalize content based on department, user role, location and more
  • Automate common IT tasks, such as password resets and system diagnostics, for tier-zero support

What’s in it for users.

  • Give end users instant access to a full-service, self-help destination of diversified resources
  • Intuitive user interface personalized for local language and your environment
  • Bookmark common web services such as HR tools, communication platforms or internal resources for easy entry point to valuable company information
  • Install organization-approved apps without IT help
  • Fast resolution of common IT issues, such as printer installations and software updates
  • Receive real-time notifications for available services and security enhancements
With the Self Service feature, Jamf has stopped the flood of help desk requests by allowing our employees to take care of IT themselves.
Grant Griffith IT Manager at mono

A User-Centric Focus: Shaping the IT Landscape

With technology seemingly everywhere, a new generation of employees seeks a seemingly modern technology experience at work. This shift in employee mentality is prompting IT to reevaluate the definition of IT service, and the practices and workflows they deploy to users. The question is how does IT shift their practices to embrace the user-centric trend?

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