10 Ideas for Making Self Service a Killer App

Do you believe in magic? Today’s session presenter, Paul Cowan, shared his innovative, and dare we say “magical” ways to enhance Self Service. The University of Waikato IT team manager explained his method of implementing a remote support session for clients without a VPN – a way to control access to WiFi networks via iBeacons. It’s possible, and he explained how.

The University of Waikato converted to Casper Suite in 2013. It has nine Jamf Certified IT Specialists and a strong history with Apple products. There are 800 staff members and 10,000 students on campus. With an increasing device count and more data to store, Cowan said they began seeing slower configurations and upgrades. Additionally, many administrator-level tasks couldn’t be delegated to the user. They needed a solution. They found Self Service.