Attacks and Suspicious Eventsʼ Cause Analysis Workflow | JNUC 2023

A methodical session with Natnicha Sangsasitorn where she unveils a formidable cause analysis workflow (RCA) to tackle security breaches at their root.

The evolving work landscape—be it remote, in-office, or hybrid—has ushered in new security challenges, making it imperative for organizations to precisely identify and fix security loopholes. In this engaging session, Natnicha Sangsasitorn, Technical Manager at Magic Hat Inc., elucidates how to architect a robust “cause analysis workflow.” Using the power of Jamf Pro, Jamf Protect, coupled with Splunk, Slack, DepNotify, and Aftermath, this workflow is designed to not just alert you to security threats but to trace back to the root cause of the breach, paving the way for effective remediation. This session is a must-attend for those looking to bolster their security infrastructure and mitigate risks in a hybrid work environment.